Disaster Recovery

Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

(If the answer is no, and you’ve already lost data, then just skip the warnings  and scroll to the bottom of this page)

Most Small-Medium Businesses don’t. Sure you meant to, once you had everything organized, just the way you wanted it. You knew you needed to back up your bookkeeping database, you may have. But what about everything else? Those documents that you didn’t realize were so important until you needed them?

You need a plan.


At CenterSpike, we have seen businesses in these exact scenarios. Data loss isn’t a fun task to deal with. Sometimes the business owner will try to recover the data by reinstalling a crashed operating system, only to cause further damage. Do you use a server? If so, is it backing up critical information? The Biggest Question: Could your business recover if this data was lost?

If the answer to the big question is no, then you need a backup plan. Onsite, and in the case of theft, fire, or other scenarios, Offsite backup is an option as well. We offer both of these services.

Reasons for Backup:

Funny thing right? The #1 reason for data loss is due to Human Error, followed by Hardware Failure. Viruses are actually on the losing end of this chart. Just like car accidents, data loss can happen at anytime, and unexpectedly.


If you would like more information to create a Disaster Recovery Plan, or you need assistance recovering data, Please call us at 678-996-1515 or fill out the form below, depending on your urgency.



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