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Do you have a Marketing Plan? It’s a risk isn’t it? Spending money, not sure who’s seeing your ads, who’s responding, and if it’s even effective.

Well, Thanks to Google Adwords, It’s easier than that.


Online Marketing may have been something you tried, or maybe not even thought of. Maybe you’ve been contacted by companies that have promised to get your business more customers, through Yelp, or other services. How many people do you know that brag about using Yelp, or Angies List, or other 3rd party service? Not many? None? Ok well how about this, How many people do you see search right from their phone or desktop when they want to know a recommendation or more information about a business? Almost everyone you know? Exactly.

That’s where CenterSpike Business Service’s Marketing division comes in. We cut the third parties out, and work directly with Google. The largest Marketing, and Search Engine Company to this date. We like working with Google Adwords because it’s simple, you can either pay to get your name out there, or you can pay for results, (people that actually end up coming to your website), and if you really want to get technical, you can even pay ONLY for those customers, that have sent you an email, wanting to know more about your business. You actually pay for the customers that actually take a good look at your business, and if you have what they are looking for, they are practically yours. Pretty cool right?

After doing quite a bit a research, I noticed how overlooked the Google Platform is to a lot of Small Businesses. I personally have worked with Small businesses for over 15 years supporting IT needs. Some businesses don’t even pay attention to their current online presence, not even realizing they are receiving ratings from people that have interacted with them, (sometimes bad too!). The Effective advertising of the Newspaper days are over. You need someone you can reach out to that publishes in the Newspaper of today, Google Business Listings.

Check Out The Video Below to See how CenterSpike Business Services can help your Business Succeed through Adwords Marketing:

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