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CenterSpike Business Services was created for the Small to Medium business to help you thrive. We take care of your IT issues so you don't have to.

Providing quality and cost effective solutions is what we do. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Our Essential Services

Free Consultation

Security Analysis and IMplementation

Security Analysis and IMplementation


Want to set your technical worries aside and simply run your business? That's what we're here for. Basic Site Evaluations are 100% Free.

We'll know what we need to optimize and maintain, and will be able to provide an accurate quote.

Security Analysis and IMplementation

Security Analysis and IMplementation

Security Analysis and IMplementation


Cyber Security is not a joke. Don't let confidential information within your business be at risk due to vulnerabilities in your equipment. Our Expert Security Professionals secure and monitor your network, minimizing risks of attack.

Server Management

Security Analysis and IMplementation

Server Management


Server Installation, Security, Maintenance, and Upgrades, we do it all. Our Microsoft Certified Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to keep your server running smoothly and efficiently. No More Disk Space Errors. No More Headaches.


Backup / Disaster Recovery

Server Management


Network Problems?

WiFi Problems?

Don't even HAVE a network yet?

Whatever the case, we can design, implement, and maintain a quality network with the fastest speeds.

24/7 Remote Support

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Backup / Disaster Recovery


If you are like many businesses, a day doesn't pass without one of your employees having a computer problem that becomes a headache. Rest Assured with our 24/7 Remote Support Service, available as an unlimited package or per call.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Backup / Disaster Recovery


It's not IF a computer will crash, it's when. 

When that happens, are you protected?

On-Site and Cloud Backup are two essential services we offer.

Not yet a client and you have lost important files? We may can help with that too.

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